Facebook secretly lobbied easing personal data law

Facebook has lobbied politicians across Europe to ease its 'overly restrictive' policy.

law on personal data.The documents also included a statement by former Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, who noted that his country “can have significant influence on the EU” by promoting Facebook’s interests, although formally it was supposed to remain neutral.

In addition, the company used the feminist memoirs of Cheryl Sandberg, the company's operational director, to “get close” with the EU women’s commissaries.

Documents that appeared in the media are taken fromThe lawsuit against Facebook, excited by the developer application Six4Three in California. According to him, Sandberg considers European legislation on the protection of user data as a “critical threat” to the company. In a note drawn up after the Davos Economic Summit in 2013, Sandberg speaks of the “hard struggle” that the company faced in Europe.

Also the documents include details about"Excellent relationship" of the company with Enda Kenny. Ireland plays a key role in regulating technology companies in Europe, as its data protection commissioner acts on behalf of all 28 states.

Facebook has removed the Onavo VPN service, which collected user data without their knowledge

His memorandum notes “appreciation” forFacebook’s decision to locate its headquarters in Dublin and state that the new data protection legislation is a “threat to jobs, innovation and economic growth in Europe”. It further states that Ireland is ready to assume the EU presidency and therefore has “the ability to influence the decisions of the European data directive”.

A Facebook spokesman said the documents are allnot yet available to the public, so they cannot comment on them. “Like other documents that published in circumvention of the court, they tell one side of the story and do not take into account the important context in this case.”