Facebook stated that they could not violate the privacy of users, because it does not exist

"There is no invasion of privacy, because there is no private life," said

Preliminary hearing lawyer Orin Snyder,commenting on the lawsuit against the company. It argues that the inability of Facebook to protect user data from third parties is an invasion of privacy, a violation of user agreement and privacy laws.

The company does not deny that third parties hadaccess to user data, but told District Judge Vince Chabria that Facebook or any other social network does not have “reasonable expectations regarding privacy.”

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Snyder added that Facebook is “digitalcity ​​square ”, where users voluntarily waive confidentiality and any“ reasonable user ”should have known that third-party application developers can access their data.

Another argument in favor of the social networkis that the world's largest social network is publicly trying to convince people that it knows how to protect personal information, and Mark Zuckerberg said that privacy will be the company's priority in the coming years.

However, Chabria noted that Facebook is not enoughwell explained his concept of confidentiality and many users might not be aware that their data may become public. In addition, users who registered on the site 10 years ago did not read the terms every time the company changed them.