Facebook's new “protect” feature actually installs spyware on iPhone and iPad

Facebook introduced users of its iOS app a new security feature called Protect. Title

attracts unsuspecting usersInstall the free app. This is nothing more than a VPN owned by Facebook. The network is designed to collect and analyze user data in order to "improve the quality of Facebook products and services."

The fact is that Facebook acquired the companyOnavo, focused on developing security programs, back in 2013. Thus, it is this social network that owns the iOS application called Onavo Protect, which is hiding modestly in the settings of the Facebook application under the Protect label (“Protection”).



While users are downloadingA VPN application in order to gain the promised “peace of mind” and “an additional level of security”, Facebook collects and analyzes user data in order to improve its own service - goods and services.

Take a look at the description of the program. Only after the paragraph with the security information provided by Onavo, and a few paragraphs describing the operation of the service, the company warns that the software is essentially spyware. This information is prudently hidden under the additional link “More” both in the App Store and in the English version of the iTunes site. It should be noted that in the translated version of the site (in Russian) this warning is not available at all today.

As part of this Onavo protection leveluses a VPN to establish a secure connection to manage all your network communications through Onavo servers. During this process, Onavo collects traffic from your mobile data. This helps us improve and optimize Onavo services based on an analysis of your use of websites, applications and data. Since we are part of Facebook, we also use this data to improve the quality of Facebook products and services, to obtain information about products and services that users value, and to improve the experience.

Although someone can calmly relate to the exchangethe privacy of their data on a free VPN client, but many users probably don’t even suspect that Onavo Protect is a specialized Facebook spyware and can fall into the social network marketing trap - both in the settings of the Facebook application itself and on the App Store .

It is known that the Onavo Protect program is already33 million users installed, among which 38% are iPhone and iPad owners, while the remaining 62% are Android device owners.