Fake iPhone XI Now Available

Apple is due to present new smartphone models in September, and Chinese craftsmen are already selling

fake iPhone XI Max (according to rumors, this is the name the successor to the iPhone XS Max will receive).

Find differences

Pictures and videos of one of these clones have already beenappeared on the Internet. Apparently, the smartphone was made based on numerous renderings, and we have to admit that it looks pretty decent. True, the unforgivably large “chin” at the bottom of the screen gives away the fake.

</ img>

The unusual camera on the rear panel attracts attention. Leaks say that the new iPhone will have a triple camera in the shape of a square, and its clone has exactly that.

There are several colors to choose from: gold, silver and black.

</ img>

We'll find out in the fall whether the Chinese craftsmen got it right with the design of the iPhone XS Max.