Family assembled: Honor 80, 80 Pro, 80 GT and 80 Pro flat screen in the photo

In less than two months, Honor introduced as many as five models of the Honor 80 series: 80 and 80 Pro, 80 SE, 80 GT and 80 Pro Straight Screen Edition.

Enthusiasts of the publication WhyLab decided to collect themtogether, excluding the Honor 80 SE, which does not fit into the series either by design or by filling. But even without him, the remaining quartet cannot boast of a special visual unity: someone has round camera blocks, others have oval, and the third has a domino style. But on screens, the series has approximate parity: 10-bit OLED panels with thin frames and high-speed PWM. Only Honor 80 Pro stands out with its double front camera in an oval cutout, trying to be like the iPhone 14 Pro. In addition, a potential buyer is waiting for an extensive selection of colors: from strict classics to bright iridescent lids. Which model of Honor 80 do you like the most? Write in the comments!

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