Fans in confusion: Borderlands 3 developers accidentally revealed their release date

Last week, Gearbox announced the long-awaited Borderlands 3. Randy Pitchford promised that gamers will be told

details about the game on April 3, but it seems that Twitter has other plans.

What is known

A new game has appeared on the official account of the game.trailer, which the developers have accompanied the announcement of the release date, scheduled for September 13. Gamers did not have enough time to rejoice and joke about the holiday of the fool, as Gearbox removed the post (but the archive did not forget it), which is not very similar to the April Fool's rally.

After publishing with the release date, developersshowed another trailer that has already upset gamers. The frame fit logo Gearbox, 2K Games and the Epic Games Store. It was also quickly removed, which looks doubly strange. It seems that the fears of fans will be confirmed, and Borderlands 3 will become the exclusive "epic".

At the same time, it is likely that both the “plum” is an April Fool's joke and on April 3 we will be called a different date.