Fantastic RPG Transistor resounds for free in the Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store has announced a free giveaway of sci-fi RPG Transistor, and also named the next free


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Transistor was developed by an American studioSupergiant Games, which previously released the action/RPG Bastion. The project was released in 2014 and gained recognition among both critics and players. The game is loved for its pleasant visuals, soundtrack, interesting plot and thoughtful combat system. Weaknesses include the monotony of battles and the short length of the story. Transistor will definitely appeal to hardcore fans, thanks to fine-tuned difficulty settings, and those who like to assemble various builds, which will help with the unique mechanics of abilities.

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You can get Transistor for free from Epic GamesStore until May 2. To do this, go to the game page and click the appropriate button. The next gift from Epic will be the 2008 puzzle World of Goo by 2D Boy. You can pick it up from May 2 to May 16.