FDA approves digital contraceptives

Femtech pioneer Clue is preparing to launch a digital contraceptive that will

will offer users a statistical forecastovulation as a tool for monitoring possible pregnancy. In the US, the launch of the Clue Birth Control app is scheduled for 2021, the team has yet to reveal the exact date.

The Berlin-based company also announced that they had received permission to launch from the US authorities. The plans are to launch in Europe, but the company has not yet received the necessary permits.

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The application will be useful for the fact that usersyou don't have to track other changes in your body. The method is based on the fact that women regularly enter only one type of data: the date of the onset of menstruation. The developers point out that a major step up in the ease of use compared to the competition of the application.

Clue algorithmic prediction is based onBayesian Modeling - The application displays a high-risk window for several days of the custom cycle, during which unprotected intercourse can lead to pregnancy. It also displays a low risk user window.

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