FDA will test the effect of sunblock on the human body

Sunscreens of various kinds have been produced for several decades. Although these tools help

prevent numerous sunburns andreduce the risk of skin cancer, research, as the chemicals used in sunscreens affect the human body, practically does not exist.

In the meantime, most chemicalsused in sunscreens, are listed on the FDA as safe for health, some substances still raise questions from the controlling organization

Now, FDA employees have decided to reviselist of substances permitted for use. Of the 16 components contained in sunscreens, only two were listed as safe. We are talking about zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, the so-called mineral sunscreen.

The researchers decided to test the remaining components on a group of 24 volunteers. For several days, three random suntan products were applied to the skin of each of them.

Then scientists took a blood test from volunteers onthe subject content of avobenzone, oxybenzone, octocrylene, and ekamsula. In most cases, the concentration of these substances exceeded the maximum permissible values. How these substances affect human health is still unknown.

Earlier, the FDA approved the first for decades, a new type of treatment for depression - nasal spray based on sedative ketamine.