Fear is her middle name: Nøkk will become a new operative of Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft uncovered the first of two operatives who will appear in the second season of Rainbow Six Siege called

Operation Phantom Sight.

What is known

As stated in the leaks, one of the new fighterswill be the girl Nyokk (Nøkk). In the trailer showed that the operative is able to hide from the gaze of cameras and quietly moves around the area, leaving no sound of steps. The preview video turned gloomy, which is perfectly combined with the image of Nyokk (Nøkk).

“Gnocca instills fear in the hearts of those who rebel against it,” says the description of the video.

Nøkk is considered a “dark horse”, and fewoutside the team Rainbow knows about it at least something. The operative worked under cover, so the data on her activities are stored under the heading "Secret." Her unique gadget HEL makes her look like a ghost, making her opponents nervous.

The second operative was not shown, but according to rumorsThe fighter’s name is Warden. On the battlefield, he uses glasses to see through the smoke and ignore blinding grenades. Knowing Ubisoft, the official trailer for the second fighter will be released in the coming days.

Add new operatives with the release of OperationPhantom Sight. The developers have not yet disclosed the details, but, judging by the "road map", players will receive two fighters and improvements for the map "Cafe". Gamers will learn more about Operation Phantom Sight during the Pro League Finals tournament on May 19, which will be broadcast on the official Twitch game channel.