FedEx sues US government over Huawei and sanctions

The American company providing postal and courier services FedEx filed a lawsuit against the Department of Commerce


What's the matter?

FedEx is complaining about government-imposed export control rules that require courier companies to monitor the contents of all packages for possible export violations.

The company believes that these requirements are violatedprovisions of the constitution, namely the right to privacy. In addition, FedEx physically cannot check every package, because there are about 15 million such packages every day.

“FedEx is a transportation company and not a law enforcement agency,” the statement emphasizes.

And here is Huawei?

Recently, FedEx entered a major internationalscandal, and it is connected specifically with Huawei. A British journalist for decided to send the P30 Pro smartphone to his American colleagues and used the postal service. But a few days later the parcel returned to London with the explanation: “The parcel was returned due to difficulties between the American authorities and Huawei and the Chinese authorities.”

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FedEx representatives have already apologized for this incident.and called it an “operational error.” According to them, the note with an explanation most likely belongs to the loaders. “As a global company that transports 15 million packages daily, we are committed to complying with all regulations and adapting our operations to meet the changing U.S. legal system,” the statement said.

What now

The US Commerce Department has not yet reviewed FedEx's lawsuit but plans to "defend its role in national security."

By the way, this is not the first such case when Huawei parcels did not reach the recipient. Therefore, China may add FedEx to its own “blacklist.”