Feel like a mountaineer using Google Maps Panoramas

Surely each of you would like to try mountaineering, but cannot or does not want for any

reasons. In this case, interactive Google Maps panoramas will be useful, in which you can “climb” to some of the highest peaks in the world.

Team brave Google Mountain EnthusiastsI managed to photograph for the service of a panorama of climbing Mount Aconcagua (Argentina), Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), Elbrus (Russia) and even Everest (Nepal). True, the latter was removed only partially, not further than the Southern camp for climbers, as the guides rather intimidated the children with a high probability of the sad outcome of climbing the world's most dangerous mountain. Interestingly, this time in all the trips a simple camera with a tripod was used, and not the outlandish round equipment, which is usually provided for such events.

P.S. I caught myself thinking that, despite the frequentpersonal travels, I regularly read blogs of various travelers. And then there's the opportunity, without leaving home, to see Versailles, Antarctica, the White House and other interesting places of the world. Do you think this is good or bad? Personally, I tend to think that everything is relative. For example, for me it is good in the sense that I can read and see about those countries that I would never want to go to.