Final blow: Trump administration revokes licenses from Intel and other companies to work with Huawei

Reuters reports that in recent days in power, the Donald Trump administration decided to inflict more

one blow to the Chinese company Huawei.

What does it mean

Reuters got an emailThe Semiconductor Industry Association, which says the US Department of Commerce has announced its intention to "reject a significant number of license requests for export to Huawei and revoke at least one previously issued license." But sources of the publication note that we are talking about 8 licenses, which were revoked from 4 companies.

Recall that the license gives the right to renewcooperation and supply its products to Huawei. For a long time, the US government did not consider applications and did not issue these licenses, but then the process began. However, no one thought that this permission would be revoked.

According to preliminary information, licenses are alreadylost Intel and Japanese manufacturer of flash memory chips Kioxia (formerly Toshiba Memory). The letter notes that the actions cover a “wide range” of electronics industry products.
The source said the $ 280 billion product and technology license applications for Huawei have yet to be processed, but they are now likely to be rejected.

By the way, companies that received notifications shouldrespond within 20 days, and the Department of Commerce must notify any change in decision within 45 days. After these deadlines, decisions will become final, but companies have 45 days to appeal.

Recall that the day after tomorrow, January 20, Joe Biden will officially replace Donald Trump as President of the States. What policy he will have with regard to Chinese companies is not yet clear.

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