Finally, a worthy replacement for noise-canceling Apple headphones came out - half the price

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keyboards with "easy money", in the choice of equipmentyou always proceed from the questions “how is it going with the ratio of price and quality?” and “how much did brand overpay here?” For example, Apple deserves respect for the courage to periodically create new types of equipment, but then they put all their risk from such undertakings into the price of devices. As a result, people are accustomed to living according to the scheme “look at what Apple has done - wait until the Chinese try to translate it - wait until the Chinese realize it QUALITATIVELY”. In the case of an alternative to compact headphones with noise reduction Apple AirPods Pro, we seem to have waited.

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  • Shumodav demands victims, and receives them
  • It’s convenient to use, but the “bloody dictatorship” forbade some settings to be changed
  • Dolbit Normalno, if you're comfortable with that style of sound
  • All the rest
  • Competitors
  • To buy or not?

If with the release of new iPhones every year they soundscreams of the haters sect “why do they need them at all ?!”, no one disputed the use of the AirPods super-compact wireless headphones. In addition to a small number of raging audiophiles, but now they are deep in the same place as the buyers of DSLRs, and they are hard to hear from there.

Music was also poorly heard in the very first AppleAirPods - minus super-compactness, these were average lousy in-ear headphones with “so-so” sound (especially when working with Android) and poor battery life. Therefore, comrades went the right way when they exchanged this type of headphones for more practical “gags”, and even with the noise reduction system in AirPods Pro.

But what about the Chinese? They, as usual, tried to make "a little worse, but you look how much cheaper!". The stamping of high-quality alternatives to the first AirPods - cheap inserts with “okay, it will fit” characteristics - the guys from China have mastered for a long time and successfully, but AirPods Pro-style noise-canceling plugs have so far been unsuccessful. Either it wasn’t very much cheaper, or cheaper, but so worse that it’s in a bathhouse. Honor Magic Earbuds, which will be discussed today, claim to be the first worthy and closest alternative to Apple's latest wireless headphones.