Find out where Neaderthals waited out the ice age

Italian and French scientists studied Paleolithic sites in the Puglia region. They confirmed that

Neanderthals were constantly present in the region from the Early Wurm glaciation to 45–39 thousand years ago, fleeing the Ice Age. However, later they became extinct anyway.

Scientists suggest that the fault is not onlyunfavorable climatic changes, but also competition with Cro-Magnons for food resources. The survival of Neaderthals was also influenced by diseases to which they did not have immunity. It also turned out that Neanderthals lived in very small groups and died out due to low genetic diversity.

Photos from explored sites in Puglia
Francesco Boshin et al. / Journal of Quaternary Science, 2021

Archaeologists have come to the conclusion that everyone hasFor the known reasons for the disappearance of Neanderthals, it is worth adding also ineffective hunting methods, due to which the relatives of modern people received less meat and were less likely to get it.

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