Fingerprint is now enough for authorization in Google Passwords

Soon, you will no longer need to enter a password to enter Google services. The company added Google Passwords to

Android and Chrome OS fingerprint authorization. The innovation will affect all smartphones running Android 7 and above.

What's next

The function is based on a safe method.FIDO2 authentication and WebAuthn protocol. With it, the user will no longer have to enter a password to enter the supported services. One of these today is the Google Passwords password manager. Now, to edit your Google passwords, just enter the graphic key or attach your finger. Now the function is supported only by smartphones of the Google Pixel family, support for other devices will appear in the coming days. Later, Google will introduce the technology in its other services.

To test the innovation you need to haveA smartphone with Android 7 and above, an activated Google account, and a Chrome browser. To enter the manager, just go to and enter the necessary data.

Earlier, a similar opportunity was added to the Google Pay payment system.