Fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S10 does not work well with a protective film

The new Samsung Galaxy S10 continues to gather maximum attention from the media and bloggers.On this occasion

The topic of discussion was the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner and its operation provided that the user usesscreen protector or protector.

In fact, it is allowed to use protectivefilm on the display of the Samsung Galaxy S10, but it can cause poor scanner performance. The footprint may be poorly defined, the pressure may be weak. That is why the manufacturer decided to immediately put the film on the display directly at the factory on your smartphone to avoid new problems and other chatter with respect to its flagship.

The film, which has already been applied to the screen of the phone,principle ensures good performance of the fingerprint scanner, it recognizes the finger well. But if you remove it from the display, you can see how the scanner will work much better.

Many new users have already complained inrelevant blogs that have some problems with the operation of the fingerprint scanner. For example, with a light touch, the fingerprint is not detected. But if you strongly press on the screen, the phone immediately works. Naturally, if you put the film-glass, it will completely prevent you from using the scanner.

Therefore, it remains for you to either leave the factoryfilm on a display from Samsung and put up with a few minuses in fingerprint definition. Or remove the film, rejoice in the ultra-sensitive scanner, but remember that now the screen of the smartphone is prone to scratches. I think that the first option is more acceptable, you just need to get used to press the screen a little harder.