Firefly Aerospace Successfully Launches Alpha Rocket to Place Three Satellites into Orbit for the First Time

Aerospace company Firefly Aerospace was able to successfully launch an Alpha rocket that launched three


What is known

The launch was carried out as part of the Alpha Flight 2 missionfrom the launch pad at US Space Force Base Vandenberg. From the name it is clear that this is the second attempt of the company to send satellites into orbit. The first launch in 2021 ended with a rocket explosion in the third minute of flight due to the failure of one of the first stage engines.

The second attempt ended in success.Alpha was able to take off, and in the third minute the first stage successfully separated. Five minutes later, the upper stage reached an elliptical orbit, and at an altitude of 300 km the carrier was about an hour after launch.

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As a result of the Alpha Flight 2 mission, the companyFirefly Aerospace has been able to successfully deploy three satellites: TechEdSat-15, PicoBus and Serenity. The first was created by NASA and is equipped with a special device to optimize data transfer.

The second satellite was developed by It consists of five vehicles for testing remote sensing technology and demonstrating the pulse-plasma engine system. The Serenity satellite was created by Teachers in Space. It will collect data for scientists and send it to Earth.