Borderlands 3 First Scores: A Proper Sequel with the Old Formula

Gamers will only be able to try out Borderlands 3 in two days, but the gaming press has already played and rated the new

Gearbox project.

What they say

After 19 reviews on Metacritic, the version of the game forPC scored 85 points. From the author of XGN, the project received 95 points for its “great story,” humor, variety of guns, and new asylum seekers. The journalist noted that every Borderlands fan should play the third part of the series.

But the author of PC Gamer only rated Borderlands 3at 63 points. According to the journalist, the game still boasts a variety of weapons and shooting, but the plot, characters and meager end-game content did not allow it to give a high score.

"If you've never been a fan of the franchise,"Borderlands 3 isn't likely to change your mind, as it's the best evolution of what the series has always done: telling a funny story about underdogs looting and shooting their way to heroism." - GameSpot, 80 points.

"Borderlands 3 is not a complete transformationseries, but simply evolution. Because of this, some of the game has remained in the past, but in the vast majority of cases it is a project that is still enjoyable to play, especially for those who love the "lutter shooter" genre - Forbes, 90 points.

Borderlands 3 ratings:

  • XGN - 95
  • PC Games - 90
  • IGN - 90
  • GameStar - 88
  • Game Informer - 80
  • GameSpot - 80
  • PC Gamer - 63

Borderlands 3 will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (Epic Games Store) on September 13th.