First assessments of Darksiders Genesis: not a Diablo competitor, but an excellent restart of the series

Darksiders Genesis has already reached release, and the press has given the first ratings to the project, which will help players

decide to make a purchase or refuse it.

How to rate

After 31 critic reviews on Metacritic, the projectearned a rating of 77 points. Most of all, the author of Shacknews liked the project, who gave the game 90 points. The journalist included graphics, music, battles and riddles in the list of advantages of Genesis. The project did not reach the hundred mark due to repeated enemies and problems with optimization.

At the same time, Game Informer rated the project onlyat 65 points. The author of the review liked the combat system, but grinding for the sake of increasing strength, an inconvenient camera and design errors did not allow him to enjoy the game.

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“Despite minor problems and a fewpoor design decisions, Darksiders Genesis is still a fantastic video game and perhaps even the best Darksiders to date." - God is a Geek, 90 points.

“Great visuals, challenging combat, and a surprising amount of replay value make Darksiders Genesis something everyone can enjoy,” PC Invasion, 80 points.

"Darksiders Genesis is not in good condition"take advantage of the series. From the very beginning, Darksiders fans imagined what it would be like to team up as different Riders. Darksiders Genesis finally offers a co-op experience, but its odd design and "forgettable story" don't live up to expectations." - Game Informer, 65 points.

Darksiders Genesis Ratings:

  • Shacknews - 90
  • God is a Geek - 90
  • IGN - 87
  • PC Gamer - 81
  • PC Invasion - 80
  • Destructoid - 80
  • Game Rant - 70
  • PC Games - 70
  • Game Informer - 65
  • RPG Site - 50

Darksiders Genesis has already reached PC and Stadia.and gamers with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will only be able to play on February 14, 2020. Players will be told the story of War and Strife, who went to the underworld to stop Lucifer from gaining limitless power. The heroes will still fight hordes of monsters, solve puzzles and even climb walls, just like in the good old days. You will be able to complete Darksiders Genesis both in single mode and in co-op.

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