First Gears 5 grades: now Microsoft won't be ashamed

Gears 5 will get to the Xbox One on September 6, but the gaming press has already managed to play and give ratings to the new

Microsoft exclusive.

What is known

After 33 reviews, the Gears 5 rating on Metacriticstuck at 85 points. The author of SomosXbox gave the project as much as 100 points, calling the fifth part the best in the series. The journalist wrote down the graphics, soundtracks, as well as the gameplay of both the single player campaign and the multiplayer with the cooperative in pluses.

But the author of USGamer put the game only 60points. The critic also praised the storyline campaign, which sometimes scares and even raises difficult topics, but the multiplayer and the overall gameplay did not have enough innovations.

"Gears 5 does not reinvent the wheel, but has changedenough that the classic gameplay does not feel monotonous. Coalition found a new way, using new mechanics and polishing the old ones to make the project shine ”, - GamesRadar +, 80 points.

“Gears 5 is a great experience you canenjoy it alone or with friends equally. It retains most of the basic mechanics and sensations, but also moves in new directions, ”- TheSixthAxis, 90 points.

Gears 5 ratings:

  • USgamer - 60
  • IGN - 88
  • Gamespot - 70
  • Game Informer - 85
  • GamesRadar + - 80
  • Xbox Achievements - 90
  • Press Start - 9
  • Attack of the Fanboy - 80
  • Shacknews - 90