First GreedFall grades: the right Dragon Age for BioWare envy

GreedFall made it to the release, and the press finally published estimates of the new Spiders project.

What they say

After eight reviews, the rating of the PC version of the game onMetacritic settled at 77 points. The author of Windows Central set GreedFall 80 points for the variability of the passage, a complex combat system and plot. The list of minuses included a dialogue system and optimization. PC Invasion journalist gave the project 70 points, to recommend the game to gamers who are looking for a good story, since loot, skill tree and “battle” only disappoint.

In the comments, gamers note that the spirit of GreedFall is close to Dragon Age: Inquisition, and in some aspects even surpasses the creation of BioWare.

“GreedFall is the best game created by Spiders, anddecent RPG in itself. Although it is definitely not without flaws in some areas, it gives an excellent history, a fresh setting and a solid combat system, ”- Wccftech, 75 points.

Greedfall is an ambitious game that hits even heavyweights. One of those RPGs that every fan of the genre should try, ”- RPG Site, 80 points.

Greedfall Ratings:

  • Windows Central - 80
  • GameWatcher - 80
  • GameSpew - 80
  • Wccftech - 75
  • - ​​67

GreedFall is already available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.