First opinions on the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max

As usual, Apple sent the first batch of its smartphones to reporters and bloggers for preliminary

review. Thanks to this, we can get an idea of ​​the iPhone Xs and Xs Max even before they go on sale. Once again, Apple managed to make the iPhone even cooler, although some options are still sagging.

We collected and translated into Russian excerpts from reviews of leading mass media about various parameters of new products.


Apple understands the importance of quality and vibrantdisplay for smartphone. Given the fact that the company since the announcement of the very first iPhone seeks to create the best smartphones in the world, it is not surprising that the iPhone Xs and Xs Max received some of the best OLED panels in the world.

The verge

IPhone Xs got the same OLED display asiPhone X, with curved corners and a notch on top. Even now, a year later, I am sure that this is one of the best displays available, with excellent color reproduction and brightness. And Apple's TrueTone and Night Shift features are awesome, thanks to them you can watch this screen endlessly. (I also think that Apple’s words that this display supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision are a bit overkill. Of course, this screen is brighter, but it does not compare with real HDR on a TV.)


Talk about the screen. This is still a bright, colorful, and sharp OLED display that supports HDR 4K video. This is one of the best screens on the market, comparable to the top-end Samsung Galaxy Note 9. But some improvements, such as increased dynamic range, can be seen only when viewing photos. And even here, it is unlikely that many will pay attention to this. But this is not bad either. It only means that this display is very good, and we are getting to the level that improvements are increasingly difficult to notice for the average user.

Tom’s guide

Super Retina Displays on Both New iPhoneincredibly bright: on our test, the iPhone Xs reached a brightness of 611 nits, while the iPhone Xs Max reached 606 nits. For comparison, the limit of the 6.4-inch screen of the Galaxy Note 9 is 604 nits.) These OLED panels also provide fairly accurate color reproduction, covering 123% of the sRGB color gamut. However, iPhones did not bypass the Note 9 screen here with its 224%.


At the presentation, Apple paid special attentionthe new dual-module camera in the iPhone Xs and Xs Max. New, more powerful sensors and Smart HDR have improved image processing power, but the new iPhone is still a bit short of the Pixel 2 and Huawei P20 Pro - if you don't touch on the software theme.

The verge

Camera enhancements in iPhone Xs compared to iPhoneX is significant - compared to Xs, photos from the iPhone X camera in most cases look awful. Earlier we wrote that the best smartphone camera on the market is the Pixel 2. And ... I still think that the Pixel 2 camera is the best, even after the release of the iPhone Xs. Don't get me wrong - most people will like the photos that the iPhone Xs takes. This camera is great and I would prefer it to the Galaxy S9. But compared to the Pixel 2, in my opinion, the Xs loses.

Tom’s guide

Did iPhone Xs beat last year's Pixel 2 XL in portraits on the main camera? Not really.

The iPhone Xs also performed wellclose-up shots, but the Pixel 2 XL still does better. If the iPhone made a generally brighter photo of this yellow flower, then the Google camera allowed us to better see the texture of the flower, and the green leaves around it look more saturated.


For a company that seeks to embellishit’s really enthusiastic to talk about each new product with enthusiasm, it seems to me that Apple has too little to say how much better the shooting quality has been compared to the iPhone X. The difference is amazing, and thanks for that it’s worth saying a new technology called Smart HDR.


iPhone Xs received gigabit LTE, and this is an important improvement - especially considering that the iPhone X was the only flagship of last year that did not receive this technology.

Tom’s guide

Thanks to this, we see amazing results inspeed test (application Download speeds reached 103 Mbps on the iPhone Xs and 96.9 Mbps on the iPhone Xs Max. As for the average values, these are 67.2 and 58.2 Mbit / s, respectively.

IPhone Xs download speed is an average of 18.6Mbps, but Xs Max turned out to be faster: 25.4 Mbps. For comparison: iPhone X under the same conditions is capable of a speed of 15.5 Mbit download and 6 Mbit / s download (these are average values).


No wonder iPhone Xs and Xs Max are realmonsters when it comes to performance. Thanks for that. It's worth saying the new A12 Bionic processor. Add to that the performance enhancements introduced in iOS 12 and get the fastest smartphones in the world.

The verge

Last year, Apple with the iPhone Xannounced the A11 Bionic chip, and now, a year later, the iPhone Xs received the new A12 Bionic. As regards processor performance, the A12 Bionic is not so much faster: although Apple is talking about a 15 percent increase in performance, in practice I did not notice any noticeable acceleration compared to my iPhone X.

Tom’s guide

iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max do a great jobdemanding tasks like video editing. It took Apple smartphones just 39 seconds to transcode the 2-minute 4K clip to 1080p. The Galaxy S9 took 2:32 to do the same, and the OnePlus 6 did it at 3:45.

What about opening applications? The iPhone Xs opened Fortnite in 20.8 seconds, Pokémon Go in 4.9 seconds, and Asphalt 9 in 6.17 seconds. Note 9 was slower on all counts: 35, 7.2, and 9.1 seconds, respectively. The older iPhone X did it slower than the iPhone Xs. Its indicators: 26, 7.2 and 10 seconds for all the same applications.


The iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max lack a headphone jack, but Apple has once again improved the sound quality of their stereo system.

Tom’s guide

The sound in the new iPhone is so good that you evenI don’t want to connect a Bluetooth speaker. Apple claims to have made the stereo sound even deeper so you can hear more details, and I really noticed a big difference when playing the same tracks on the iPhone X and iPhone Xs.

The verge

In iPhone Xs, the sound of both speakers is selectedmore precisely, which allowed Apple to improve sound processing for better separation of stereo channels. It is unlikely to be super noticeable, but in any case, improving the dynamics of the smartphone is always good.


The speakers sound amazing. They are louder than in the iPhone X, and Apple has also worked to set up stereo sound so that the range is wider or narrower depending on the environment. It also means that movies, games and music will sound much better if you hold your smartphone horizontally.


This is a really important factor for many. Apple claims the iPhone Xs will last 30 minutes longer than the iPhone X, while the iPhone Xs Max will last almost 90 minutes longer than the iPhone X. Does this correspond to reality? Absolutely yes. And the iPhone Xs Max is especially beautiful here.

The verge

I mainly tested the iPhone Xs Max and itkept excellent - much longer than the claimed “90 minutes more than the iPhone X”. In fact, I got about 12 hours of work without using the power saving mode, and this is considering that I use my smartphone very often, including Slack and email, watching videos, taking photos and surfing the web. iPhone Xs should last 30 minutes longer than iPhone X, which lasts about 8 hours. It is also true.

Tom’s guide

Battery life with continuous web surfing via LTE and a display brightness of 150 nits.

iPhone Xs Max is a great choice if you need itso that the smartphone works all day without recharging. In our battery test, it lasted as long as 11 hours 30 minutes. This is slightly better than the Galaxy Note 9. However, the Pixel 2 XL lasted even longer - 12:09.


Despite all the improvements, the iPhone Xs is unlikelysounds like a good buy - only if you are not planning to upgrade from iPhone 7 or 6s. Switching from the iPhone X is probably not worth it. As for the iPhone Xs Max, it is primarily aimed at fans of large displays and those who need a long battery life.

The verge

I would not be in a hurry to spend $ 999 on Xs, if you haveThere is an iPhone X, but if you have already pre-ordered, don’t worry: you will definitely like the iPhone Xs. It really is better than the iPhone, and it is likely to be relevant for a few more years. I definitely prefer the camera in the Pixel 2, but the iPhone Xs are not much worse, and this is still a significant improvement over previous iPhones.

For everyone else, I think it's worth the wait,to see how the iPhone XR will show itself - it has the same processor and main camera (albeit single), but for $ 750. The only question that bothers me is how good is its 6.1-inch LCD display compared to the OLED in the iPhone Xs. But for this we need to wait and see for ourselves next month.

Tom’s guide

IPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max - some of the bestsmartphones that you can buy, and if you are still holding back from upgrading from iPhone 7 or iPhone 6s, each of these devices will feel like a huge leap forward. The cameras are much better - especially in low light - and the A12 chip provides a significant increase in power.


These are the best smartphones Apple has created, but it's still more of an S-update, since the improvements are not so significant.

If you have an old iPhone - say, the seventh - and youIf you want a new model, then no doubt order the iPhone Xs (or Max, if you like giant screens). You can even think about upgrading from iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, given that since then Apple got rid of the Home button, improved both cameras, made glass panels more durable, and the processor faster.

Are you planning to buy an iPhone Xs or Xs Max? Or will you wait for the release of the iPhone XR to make the final decision? Share your opinion in the comments!