First printed metal bridge opened in Amsterdam

In the Red Light District of Amsterdam, a small bridge was opened that was fully 3D printed.

The structure was made for six years, itsdesigned by engineer Joris Laarman and built by MX3D. The bridge was printed from nearly 4.5 thousand kilograms of stainless steel. The printing process itself took six months, it used four robots.

At the same time, according to the calculations of the professor of architecturePhilip Oldfield, the production of the bridge accounts for much less environmental emissions - about 30.5 tons of carbon. The researchers note that printing architectural structures is "not ideal, but a good way in the transition to a completely clean energy."

“We are children of transition:with one foot in the industrial era and the other in the digital era. Will robots take all our work away from us in the next ten years? Or will the advancement of digital manufacturing make craftsmanship and love of how things are done become paramount again? In any case, we are on the eve of big changes, ”the description of the bridge says.

Previously, scientists presented a new low-cost system,where organelles can be grown. Researchers have already received a mini-human brain in it. Scientists have grown a small amount of self-organizing brain tissue in a tiny 3D-printed system. It allows you to watch their growth and development.

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