First ratings: Wolfenstein: Youngblood - Blaskowitz daughters could not

Wolfenstein: Youngblood has already reached personal computers and even managed to get the first press ratings.

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After 12 reviews on a metacritic game aboutAdventures daughters Blaskowitz received 76 points. Journalist Game Informer put the project 85 points, praising the gameplay, RPG-mechanics and diversity, but scolding the plot and characters. From Destructoid Wolfenstein: Youngblood scored 60 points, calling open levels the best part of the game.

“Youngblood takes a lot of steps forward for the series, but also takes a few steps back, which ultimately harms the whole project,” Destructoid, 60 points.

“The gloriously awful world of Youngblood is worth research, despite the short narration and boring development system”, PC Gamer, 79 points.

Wolfenstein ratings: Youngblood:

  • Game Informer - 85
  • PC Games N - 80
  • PC Gamer - 79
  • IGN - 65
  • Destructoid - 60