Fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 7 has not yet been released, but is already on sale at a discount

The announcement of the next generation of Xiaomi fitness bracelets is expected only today, but now, in China, the long-awaited

new items can be purchased at a discounted price. Discuss

It is reported that this is due to the imminent start of the 618 sale. As part of it, Xiaomi offers customers discounts on various of its devices, including the Mi Band 7 and Mi Band 7 NFC.

The discount system works as follows:the user makes a pre-order of 30 yuan, which is converted by the company itself into 40 yuan in the case of Mi Band 7 and 50 yuan in the case of Mi Band 7 NFC.

As a result, the discount amount is from 1.5 to 3dollars, depending on the model. And although this is not very significant money, the fact remains that unreleased bracelets can already be purchased at a reduced price.

Recall that earlier information about the estimated cost of the new Mi Band surfaced on the network. It, judging by the available data, will be from 35 to 42 dollars.