Five of the best and five worst snacks to take on the road

If you are going on a trip by car, then it is not at all necessary to buy junk food as a snack.

You can get by with healthy alternatives. Here are five of the best and worst foods to take on the go. Discuss

Snacks while traveling by car do not have to be unhealthy. There are also useful options.

  1. Muesli bars. As noted by the MD, nutritionistand Cozy Peach Kitchen founder Cassidy Reaser, these bars are different in that they are nutritionally balanced. Therefore, they can be easily eaten on the go.

  2. Walnuts. These foods are high in protein andhelp support bowel function and the digestive process while traveling. Scientific studies also show that eating 42.5 grams of walnuts every day will increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the gut.

  3. Fruit. Instead of sweets on the road, it is better to buy fruits. Bananas, apples and grapes are excellent choices. You can also take dried fruits without sugar.

  4. Organic Beef Jerky. It has a lot of protein, so you will feel full longer. In addition, this product helps regulate insulin levels and prevent fat accumulation.

  5. Greek yogurt. It can be eaten with nuts, fruits orvegetables. Nutritionist and fitness expert at JustCBD Natalie Komova says that this yogurt contains high amounts of protein and fiber, which reduce hunger and increase energy.

But what to buy is absolutely not recommended.

  1. Crisps. They can be high in saturated fat, and they're bad for the heart, says Sarah Glasser, MD, PhD. In addition, chips may make you want to drink more often and more.

  2. Cookie. Many of these snacks contain a large amount of kilocalories and sugar.

  3. Sweet drinks. They contain much more sugar than is recommended per day for a person. Also, these drinks do not contain the nutrients that a person’s immunity needs while traveling.

  4. Ready food at the gas station. For example, it can be pizza, hot dogs, burritos, nachos. These foods are very high in sodium and saturated fat, and yet lack nutrients.

  5. Fast food. French fries, hamburgers and sandwiches contain ingredients (trans fats, sodium, etc.) that make you feel sluggish.

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