Five symptoms of the "British" strain of COVID-19 in children named

According to media reports, the disease occurs in children with some peculiarities. In particular, more than half (55%

) sick people feel tired. In addition, many underage patients become withdrawn due to illness.

In infants, the disease can manifest itself in fits of hysteria and crying.

53% complained of a headache. Also, children may experience abdominal pain, so doctors recommend that parents ask their sons and daughters about all kinds of discomfort in the body.

Infectious disease doctor and professor of medicine atMedical University of Northeastern Ohio, Richard Watkins explained that this is due to the production of immunity children of substances called "cytokines". They signal to the body that it is time to start fighting the infection, but later the person feels tired, because the body spends energy to fight the virus.

Half of the patients reported chills due totemperature rise above 37 degrees. Sore throat was reported by 38% of children, loss of appetite - about 35%. The last symptom, according to doctors, is more typical for children under one year old.

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