Flagship Battle: Samsung Galaxy S9 vs. Huawei P20

The latest flagships from the Chinese company Huawei and the Korean Samsung have already been brought to the market.

The cost of these smartphones is quite steep, andFew will be able to afford such a purchase. However, you can still touch the top solutions, you just need to choose last year’s flagship from each company. In terms of their characteristics, they are only slightly inferior to the current ones, but their price tags are much more humane. So what should you choose, P20 from Huawei or Galaxy S9 from Samsung? Let's try to compare these models.


The appearance of the South Korean smartphone manufacturershas always been a standard of elegance. In any case, any smartphone of this company looks exactly as befits a premium device. The only thing, however, is the classic frame around the screen, or rather, in the upper and lower parts. Yes, at that time not everyone got sick with framelessness, and the cutouts on the displays for the cameras were not an obvious advantage for everyone. As for the competitor, he created a hybrid in terms of design. The body of glass, all like a Korean, but also from the Americans appeared cutout, which today already looks too clumsy.

However, the Chinese bangs are more compact,neat back panel flaunts iridescent gradient. This makes a strong impression, but only when you first unpack, because then all users put their smartphones in the covers, and the devices become similar to each other. It is rather difficult to give preference to one, smartphones are the same, and at the same time different.


The flagship screen of Huawei is unlikely to be able toto surprise fans of Samsung, which traditionally has a strong point, is displays. Nevertheless, the Chinese in this regard will definitely not disappoint. He has an IPS matrix, FullHD + resolution, the quality is just great, the panel is expensive, but still it’s a workhorse. Koreans contrasted the innovative SuperAMOLED, and the resolution of the QHD + matrix. There are no special innovations, just this screen is one of the best in the world in the mobile segment.

Iron and software

Software talkmeaningless, because there are no objective points for which it was possible to catch. Pure like, or not like. The Chinese version of Android is a little fresher. For iron, everything is practically nose to nose, both flagships, both received top processors, a lot of memory, both operational and internal on the drive. There are no such applications that both smartphones would not have done brilliantly. By eye, the difference in performance, no one will determine.


Galaxy S9 got in the camera aperture withchanging characteristics. This in theory helps a lot to improve the quality of photos in low light conditions. There is a powerful optical stabilization, the camera is able to shoot video in slow-motion at a speed of 960 fps. The camera is really very good, the pictures and videos are amazing, but not so much as to call it the best. Huawei here went on the path of multi-eyed, and immediately installed three modules for the main camera. The sensors have a resolution of 8 megapixels, then 20, and the main sensor received 40 megapixels. Very impressive, but what gives in practice? A little more approximation, and who uses it on a smartphone? In theory, AI with three cameras should take the best, and combine, in practice, photos are obtained plusminus are the same. In general, the cameras of both smartphones are equivalent, in any case, the user is unlikely to notice the difference in the same conditions.

Price tags

If you choose a smartphone by price, then onToday, the balance is approximately as follows: Galaxy S9 can be purchased for 50 thousand rubles, and P20 Pro for 40 thousand rubles. The difference of ten thousand for many is significant, otherwise they would consider the option of the flagship of 2019.

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