Flighty - Great Flight Tracking App on iPhone

If you often fly on planes, then you just need an application for tracking flights.

Flight delays, terminal changes and cancellations happen too often. A special application will make your life a little easier. Flighty is just such an application.

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Flighty: the best flight app

Flighty app is different from the restSimilar apps on the App Store with its beautiful design and great emphasis on notifications. The application has been under development for the past two years, and this is visible. The interface is simple and straightforward. The design of the application is similar to the design of Apple Maps.

Add your flight to see all the information about it: landing time, take-off time, arrival time, destination, airline and airplane details and a full report of changes.

Basic features are available for free and without ads. You can add and track as many flights as you like. If you buy a paid subscription, you will get even more features and capabilities.

One of Flighty’s best features has nothing to do withinterface. If you often fly, it is very important for you to know the details of your flights in real time. This is possible thanks to high-speed application notifications that arrive in seconds. In the notifications you will see all the most important information and nothing more.

In addition, the Flighty app can anticipate flight delays and provide a reason for this. The application monitors the flight within 25 hours before departure.

Using the application is very easy. There are no side menus, different panels, etc. Just add a flight and see all the information about it.

Download: Flighty (Free)