Floating illuminated installations show water quality in New York

Playlab, Family New York, and Floating Point have unveiled a floating installation called POOL Light.It reflects the quality of the water

in the East River and New York.The structure, measuring 15x15 meters, glows blue if everything is in order with the water; turquoise if sensors detect pathogens; pink if the indicators are beyond safe for swimming. The brightness, frequency, and sharpness of colors indicate oxygen levels, clarity, and pH levels, respectively.

Why is this?

The creators of the project see it as evidenceprogress in improving water quality and the largest such enterprise since the adoption of the “Clean Water Law” in 1972. It is also a serious reminder that water is a public resource and criticism of those who oppose the protection of water resources.

Where to find?

You can find + POOL Light in the Seaport area on the pier17 in lower Manhattan. However, it is not necessary to go there to look at the result of the work of several companies. It is perfectly visible from the Brooklyn Bridge. The project will last until January 3, 2020. However, this is not the end: it is only part of a large venture to create a self-filtering pool in the East River, which systems like + POOL Light can greatly help.