Foldable Huawei Mate X still went on sale. But he was grinded in a minute

Recently, rumors appeared on the Internet that Huawei had again postponed the start of sales of its first foldable

smartphone Mate X. However, they were not confirmed.

Is available for sale

Yesterday at 10:08 China time, Huawei Mate X went on sale. True, not for long: already at 10:09 the first batch of smartphones was sold out, despite the price tag of 16,999 yuan (about $2,400).

How many devices were in this batch is unknown. But in just a week, the second batch of Mate X will go on sale. Customers are also offered a 50% discount on one screen replacement.

For now, Huawei Mate X is only sold in China. Whether it will enter the international market is still unknown.

Let us remind you that the smartphone received an 8-inch flexibledisplay with a resolution of 2480×2200 pixels, Kirin 980 processor, 8 GB of RAM, 512 GB of ROM, a camera with four lenses and a 4500 mAh battery with support for 55-W charging.

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