Foldable Samsung Galaxy Fold - how can it be interesting?

Samsung has released so many new products that you can discuss them for weeks.Today, our interest has been captured

foldable smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold, whichstill called with a flexible curved screen. The device marks a new revolution in the world of mobile technology. It has as many as two displays and at the same time an unusual vertical folding design that is thought out to the smallest detail.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

We were waiting for this smartphone, and there was a lot for usa mystery. But now the Korean has revealed all his cards to us. The foldable Galaxy Fold was announced alongside the new Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e and S10 5G. And unlike them, the new product will be sold exclusively in the USA through two cellular operators AT & T and T-Mobile. The reasons for this limited release are still being clarified.

A smartphone with a folding screen will go on sale26 April. Its retail price is simply stunning — $1,980. I don’t think everyone can afford to buy a smartphone for almost two thousand dollars. But it’s not just the price of the Galaxy Fold that’s impressive, but also some of its technical specifications.

Outside the phone is equipped with a 4.6-inch display withThe resolution is 840 x 1960 pixels, and inside is a 7.3-inch flexible AMOLED display with a resolution of 1536 x 2152 pixels. When folded, the phone looks quite familiar to us, but when unfolded, it turns into a small tablet and is ideal for performing several tasks at once, watching videos on the go, games, etc.

Hidden inside, of course, is a Qualcomm processor.Snapdragon 855, it is complemented by 12 GB of RAM, 512 GB of internal space. The manufacturer also installed two batteries here, the total capacity of which is 4,380 mAh. The new phone will run Android 9 Pie out of the box.

Do you think anyone would want to buy SamsungGalaxy Fold? Most likely, it will not cause a big stir. IT technology fans will want to buy — That's for sure. While the public still has many questions regarding this gadget, its reliability, durability, etc. Therefore, it is too early to talk about the success of the flexible Galaxy Fold…


  • First 4.6" Super AMOLED display, 840 x 1960 resolution
  • Second 7.3-inch Dinamic AMOLED display, 1536 x 2152 resolution, 362 ppi density
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor
  • Graphics Adreno 640
  • 12 GB RAM
  • 512 GB of internal storage
  • The main camera is triple.The first main one is 12 megapixels, there is OIS, autofocus, F1.5/F2.4 aperture. Second camera — 16 MP ultra-wide-angle, F2.2 aperture. Third camera — 12 MP telephoto lens, F2.4 aperture, OIS, autofocus.
  • Front camera 10 megapixel.
  • Video recording 3840×215;2160 (4K), 1920×215;1080 (1080p HD).
  • Fingerprint scanner, face recognition.
  • 4380 mAh battery
  • Support wireless charging
  • OS — Android (9.0 Pie)
  • Three available colors — black, yellow and blue.