Foldable Samsung Galaxy Fold pleased with its autonomy

Foreign journalists continue to test the first samples of the Samsung Galaxy Fold folding smartphone. And in contrast

from the display, the gadget pleasantly surprised me with its autonomy.

How long is it enough?

Let us remind you that the smartphone has twobatteries - one for each half of the device. Their total capacity is 4380 mAh. This is a good number for a phone, but not so much for a tablet. Considering that the Galaxy Fold is a cross between a smartphone and a tablet, many doubted its battery life.

As it turned out, it was in vain.A sample of the SamMobile resource lasted almost 8 hours - and this was with constant display operation and maximum loads. Journalists admit that they did not spare the gadget during their tests.

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It turns out that you have to worry about the “survivability” of the foldingA smartphone is definitely not worth it. The same cannot be said about its display—remember, the Galaxy Fold screens that were sent to journalists began to fail within a day or two.