Folding Samsung Galaxy Fold broke on the second day of use

In early September, Samsung finally started selling the foldable Galaxy Fold. And it seems that history is repeating itself: already on the second

day of use, TechCrunch journalist Brian Heater had problems with his smartphone.

What happened

Despite the fact that the Galaxy Fold is “excellent”passed all the durability tests, Brian, who had not even thought of doing drop tests on the smartphone, had a strange spot appear on the device’s display. At the same time, the journalist already had a new model - modified and passed all the necessary tests, as Samsung representatives assure.

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The irony is that in April, when the first samples of the Samsung Galaxy Fold were breaking en masse among reviewers, Brian Heater’s device turned out to be safe and sound.

As for the new case, Brian suspectsthat the stain appeared after he pressed the screen a little to close the smartphone. In its usage guide, Samsung recommends: “Do not press the screen with hard or sharp objects. Use a light touch, don’t apply too much pressure.” Apparently, it’s not for nothing that the company offers a cheap ($150) replacement for the Samsung Galaxy Fold screen in the event of a breakdown within one year after purchase.

Samsung representatives have now taken away the damaged smartphone to study and identify the cause of the failure.