Following “Daredevil”: Nokia smartphone “Star Lord” appeared on Geekbench

Recently, photos of a Nokia smartphone codenamed Daredevil appeared online. It turned out that this is not

the only device with the name of a Marvel hero that we may see in the near future. The Leaks website published the characteristics of another phone called Star-Lord.

What is known

The smartphone looks like Nokia 6.2 and is powered by a Snapdragon 660 chip, just like the Daredevil, and also has 3GB of RAM. The processor frequency is 1.61 GHz. The gadget runs on the Android 9 Pie operating system, the resolution of the main camera is 48 megapixels.

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When the company will present its new device is still unknown. Perhaps he will be shown at the IFA 2019 exhibition, which will be held in Berlin from September 6 to 11.