For iPhone with 5G buyers are willing to pay $ 1200

Analysts have recorded a serious decline in the smartphone market. This is due to the fact that users

There is nothing significant for yourself in new smartphonesthey see that all the breakthrough technologies are already taken into account in the models they purchased, that is, there is no point in exchanging their good phones for new devices. Only one technology is capable of resuming market growth and revitalizing it: the widespread introduction of 5G. In this case, users receive a truly useful technology - an increase in connection speed by several times, why not enjoy the new generation of the cellular network. It's really worth it to buy a new 5G smartphone.

Overpay, just to get

At the same time, the investment bank Piper Jaffray, which spentOwn market research states that this fully applies to iPhone owners. Even more than users of other brands, because Apple has always been a leading company, and owning a smartphone meant not just owning a phone, it’s a certain level. And it is they who are already tired of the fact that their brand has not long been happy with their new features, new technologies. The cut-out on the screen is not technology, it is just a design feature. In this regard, the demand for the iPhone 5G is growing by leaps and bounds, however, those who are waiting for this miracle will most likely be disappointed, because such a smartphone is not ready, there are no corresponding components for it. So, another year will have to endure.

According to the survey, about 20 percentrespondents are ready now to lay out 1.2 thousand dollars for such an iPhone. At the same time, the analyst notes that while such smartphones do not even play in advertising teasers, and the order of prices is unknown, but it will definitely be transcendental, as always. Nevertheless, online requests are constantly appearing, their number is growing, and after the appearance of such a function on competitors' smartphones, the wait will increase even more, and Apple fans will be ready to pay any money just to get an iPhone 5G.

Weak update

In the meantime, the users of the brand are waiting for an insignificantupdate, and even no new processors will brighten their sadness. What is a powerful processor for many smartphone owners now? These are games, and do they play a lot of games on the iPhone? Just say that the percentage is scanty, not more than 20, which means that the main audience of the iPhone will not be happy with an even more powerful processor, because this is enough for everything, even more than five years ahead. But I really want to experience the highest connection speeds. So, the update will turn out to be scant, most likely, there will be a two-way wireless charging, which competitors have already had for a long time, a battery will receive a bit more capacity. That's all.

If the iPhone 2019 attracts very few people fromapple mill, what can we say from the next generation, which has not yet received 5G. Companies need to be solved very quickly, at least limited versions, because you can kill the demand almost forever, no one likes companies that lag behind even the Chinese in terms of technology. However, judging by the fact that Apple has recently focused attention, there is a feeling that the company will simply leave the iron market, remaining a company that provides various services. By the way, now services bring the company no less than all other areas combined.