For several days, Elon Musk has collected almost 150 thousand orders for the futuristic pickup Tesla Cybertruck

A few days ago, the head of Tesla, Elon Musk, introduced the Tesla Cybertruck armored electric truck, which has already become

meme hero because of his unusual look. Nevertheless, a line has already lined up for him.

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Despite the fact that the production of Tesla Cybertruckwill begin only in 2021, and when it reaches the buyers - it is not known, the company has already collected more than 146 thousand pre-orders for a pickup truck. These figures on Twitter shared by Elon Musk.

Recall that pre-ordering costs only $ 100, and this money can then be returned.

Pickup is available in three versions. The youngest single-engine modification with a power reserve of 400 km costs from $ 39,900, an all-wheel drive version with two engines and a range of more than 480 km will cost $ 49,900. But the top model with three electric motors and a power reserve of up to 800 km costs at least $ 69,900.

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According to Mask, among pre-ordered 17% want to buy a car with one electric motor, 42% - with two motors and 41% - ordered a three-engine version.

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