For Star Wars fans: Coca-Cola Launches Bottles with Tiny Sword OLED Displays

The premiere of the ninth episode of the Star Wars saga - the film Skywalker. Sunrise". And in honor of this Coca-Cola

released a limited version of the bottles with its drink.

What is unusual

The labels depict Rei and Kylo Ren with different swords - white and red. Moreover, these swords also shine.

The whole secret in small flexible OLED displays onlabels. When touched, they glow for about 5 seconds. True, they are not durable: thanks to the built-in battery, the sword glows no more than 500 times or for 40 minutes.

Also on the label is the inscription "Full force - no sugar" ("Full of power - no sugar").

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Keep your eyes on these Limited Edition LightedStar Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Coca-Cola No Sugar Bottles! In anticipation of the upcoming movie, we will be releasing 5 clues to 5 locations per day on our FB, IG, and website on where to get your hands on one over the next 3 weekends (Fri - Sun) from 6 to 22 Dec. Let the #GalacticHunt begin! >> Link in bio Catch Star Wars: #TheRiseofSkywalker in cinemas this 19 December. #StarWarsSG * T & C applies

Publication by Coca-Cola Singapore (@cocacolasg) Dec 4, 2019 at 5:00 PST

Where can one buy

Coca-Cola produced only 8 thousand such bottles,after all, a considerable amount was spent on their production. They are sold only in Singapore, and even then not in all stores. Coca-Cola will leave five prompts to the following five addresses each weekend from December 6 to December 22 in social networks and on its website.

But there will be other bottles dedicated to Star Wars - with the usual images of heroes on labels and cans.

Source: Coca-Cola 1, 2

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