For the first time in 50 years, Russians will see an annular eclipse: where and how to watch it

What solar eclipse will happen on June 10?

According to astronomical classification, if the eclipse is even somewhere

on the surface of the Earth can be observed as complete, it is called complete... If an eclipse can only be observed as a particular, it is classified as private.

When the observer is in the shadow of the moon, heis observing a total solar eclipse. When he is in the penumbra region, he can observe a partial solar eclipse. In addition to total and partial solar eclipses, there are annular eclipses... An annular eclipse occurs when, at the time of the eclipse, the Moon is at a greater distance from the Earth than during a total eclipse, and the cone of the shadow passes over the earth's surface without reaching it.

Visually with an annular eclipse, the Moonpasses along the disk of the Sun, but turns out to be smaller than the Sun in diameter, and cannot completely hide it. In the maximum phase of the eclipse, the Sun is covered by the Moon, but a bright ring of the uncovered part of the solar disk is visible around the Moon.

The annular eclipse sky remainsbright, stars do not appear, it is impossible to observe the sun's corona. Sometimes it also happens that the same eclipse in some parts of the central strip is seen as total, and in others - as annular. Such an eclipse is called annular-complete or hybrid.

On average, 237 solar eclipses occur over 100 years, of which:

  • 160 - privatewhen the Moon passes along the edge of the Sun's disk, hiding only part of it;
  • 63 - fullin which the moon completely covers the sun;
  • and all 14 - annular.

Diagram of an annular solar eclipse.

When will an annular eclipse occur?

On June 10 at 13:40 Moscow time, the Moon will cover 0.94 times the diameter of the solar disk, leaving only its thin edge visible.

The annular phase of the eclipse will be visible in the province of Ontario (Canada), Greenland and at the North Pole, in Russia it can be seen in Yakutia and Chukotka.

Why is this eclipse unique?

There were no similar solar eclipses on the territoryRussia is already half a century old. The next annular eclipses of the Sun in the central part of the country can be seen in 2030, 2039, 2048, 2075 and 2084.

The upcoming eclipse is unique in that it canwill be seen at the North Pole, this is the only annular eclipse passing through this point in the 21st century. In addition, it opens a whole series of similar phenomena on the territory of Russia, they will occur in the summer with an interval of 9 years.

Where will the eclipse be observed from?

The annular phase of the eclipse will be visible in the province of Ontario (Canada), Greenland and at the North Pole, in Russia it can be seen in Yakutia and Chukotka.

The eclipse will start at 12:48 Moscow time at sunrise, on Lake Superior between Canada and the United States. The largest phase of the eclipse (0.944) is expected on the northern coast of Greenland (Knud Rasmussen land). In Russia, the maximum (0.94) will occur near the mouth of the Indigirka River (villages Chokurdakh, Tabor). The eclipse will end at 14:33 Moscow time at sunset just north of Magadan.

Almost the entire territory of Russia will fall into the field of visibility of the phenomenon. In the European part of the country, the eclipse phase will be small, but in Siberia, and especially in its north, it will be much more noticeable.

Over Moscow, the eclipse will be partial and not at all annular. At this moment, the Moon will close the Sun by 16%, which is 0.26 of the Sun's diameter.

How to observe an eclipse?

Experts remind that observations of privatea solar eclipse, like any observations of the sun's surface, must be carried out with strict adherence to safety rules. It is strictly forbidden to look at the Sun with the eye or through a telescope without using special solar filters.

Experts do not recommend observing the Sun throughphotographic film, magnetic tape, smoked glasses and CDs. Sunglasses, although they can protect the observer from dangerous solar radiation, will not help to see the eclipse itself, because the degree of decrease in brightness is small. It is recommended, for example, to purchase a welding helmet.

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