For the first time in history, 9 stars disappeared in half an hour and did not return

An international team of astronomers observed the mysterious disappearance of stars in the night sky after

captured. A curious case of the appearance and disappearance of nine stars is captured on an old photographic plate.

Scientists discovered this event when they compared photographs of the same region of the sky to track objects in the universe, their state and location.

In a study published in Nature'sScientific Reports says that through these surveys, astronomers have discovered tens of thousands of variable or flare stars, supernovae, asteroids, and variable active galactic nuclei (AGNs). The study involved scientists from Sweden, Spain, USA, Ukraine and India.

Scientists' particular interest was riveted on a group ofnine transient stars, which were discovered by the Palomar Observatory in California on April 12, 1950. All nine stars disappeared within 30 minutes of discovery, and have not been re-registered since. Such a large group of simultaneously disappeared stars was discovered for the first time in the history of astronomy.

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