For the first time in Russia, six An-124s took off at once

In Russia, for the first time in history, six An-124 Ruslan military transport aircraft took off simultaneously.

The video of the flight was published by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Simultaneous flight of An-124 took place in Bryanskarea. The planes were at an altitude of over 4000 meters. They were operated by the crews of the Seshchinsky and Tver aviation regiments. Izvestia clarifies that the average flight speed of the aircraft was 500 kilometers per hour, and the length of the route was 600 kilometers.

During the tests, the crews worked out takeoff, landing, and en-route flights. All this took place in difficult weather conditions: precipitation, low clouds and strong gusts of wind were observed.

Recall that the An-124 is a Soviet long-range heavy transport aircraft. It can fly over 7000 kilometers.