For the first time, the training fly-in electric aircraft Sun Flyer 2 with the new engine from Siemens

The first flight tests of the updated Sun Flyer 2 took place at US Centennial Airport. Details

test flight has not yet been disclosed - the company does not tell how high the plane has risen and how fast it has developed.

The whole 2019 year Bye Aurospace will test the SunFlyer 2 in order to receive a certificate of the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States (FAA) next year. In the future, Sun Flyer 2 will be the first US training electric aircraft.

Feature of the electric motor Sun Flyer 2in reducing the cost of flight training. If the flight hour on such an aircraft costs about $ 3, then the same time on an ordinary piston flight simulator costs from $ 30.

Rolls-Royce, together with engineers from otherAirlines recently began construction of an electric aircraft capable of accelerating to 480 km / h. It is planned that the first flight will take place in 2020 - then the device will have to break the speed record for electric airplanes, set by Siemens Extra 330LE in 2017 (337.5 km / h).