For the sake of Resident Evil fans, an offline story mode will be added to the multiplayer Project Resistance

In mid-September, Capcom announced Project Resistance, a cooperative action game with asymmetrical gameplay

in the Resident Evil universe. According to the announcement, it became clear that the developers would focus on online, but the project’s producer confirmed the presence of a story mode.

What is known

In an interview with the PlayStation Blog, the headAccording to the development of Project Resistance, Kawata Masachika said that not all the content was shown at the Tokyo Game Show. At release, the game will receive “an offline mode focused on the narrative component.”

“The TGS 2019 version was shown online,But we are fully aware that many Resident Evil fans expect story first from a game. To satisfy our fans, we will have an offline mode that focuses on the narrative aspect,” said Masatika.

The developer also confirmed that in multiplayerthere will be several villains, and not just one, as shown in the announcement trailer. No details were given, but Masatika confirmed that there would also be more “survivors.” The gameplay trailer from Tokyo Game Show 2019 showed four characters.

Project Resistance still does not have a release date.but owners of PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC will be able to play. In addition, from October 4 to October 7, Capcom will hold a closed beta test on consoles, which you can sign up for on the official website.