For the US military came up with a method of warming hands without gloves

Engineers at the U.S. Army Institute for the Study of the Human Environmental Impact (USARIEM)

for warming hands without gloves. This is a bracelet with electrodes.

In the cold, hands suffer the most from the cold. Gloves or mittens are not always a good way to protect against frostbite, especially when it comes to the need to work with your hands. An alternative method of limb warming is a general increase in body temperature. For example, using electrodes.

For this purpose, scientists decided to create a device in the form of a bracelet that is mounted on the forearm. At the same time, the bracelet is connected to the battery, so it can be carried with you.

The authors of the development claim that the deviceable to warm fingers so that sleight of hand at an air temperature of 0.5 degrees Celsius is lost much less. In the future, they want to make the device easier.