For which people is heat considered deadly?

The Ministry of Health of Belarus stated that in the period from June 13 to 26, 41

people, and 9 of them even had to be hospitalized. So for whom is hot weather the most dangerous? Discuss

Experts from the Ministry of Health stressed that heat can exacerbate the symptoms of chronic diseases and sometimes even overheat, a rapid deterioration in health.

Experts recommend drinking in such weather asas much water as possible. The fact is that with dehydration, blood thickens, heart problems, weakness, and a person can even lose consciousness. And the most dangerous thing, the employees of the Ministry of Health added, is the heat for elderly and for children. They can even lead to death.

Experts also advise instead of sparkling waterchoose normal. The problem is that there is a lot of sugar in soda: for example, in cola - as many as five pieces per glass. And sugar is different in that it thickens the blood.

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