Ford and Bosch test fully automatic parking for smart city

Ford and Bosch, together with American developer Bedrock, have tested the first equipment for

automatic parking.

What is known

The tests took place on a special site nearMichigan Central Station in Detroit. The system was tested using a Ford Escape vehicle. It works as follows. Upon arrival at the garage, the driver leaves the car in a special place and, using the smartphone app, starts the automated parking mode. Bosch sensors, which are installed in the garage, communicate with the car and begin to direct it towards a safe parking space. They recognize the location of cars, pedestrians and other obstacles. If the sensors see something in the path of the vehicle, the car stops immediately.

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In addition to automatic parking, drivers can alsouse the app to call the vehicle back to the designated pickup zone. This will speed up the parking process and save the driver from having to look for a car. By the way, in addition to parking, the car can also enter the garage on its own to use a charger or a car wash. According to Ford representatives, garages with such a parking system will be able to hold 20% more cars in the same area.

When to expect

Such automated parking technology will be available to US garage tenants by the end of this month. When it will appear in other regions is unknown.

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