Forensic Science Hacked Tesla Storage System To Investigate Accidents

Researchers from the Netherlands Institute of Forensic Science have found that the on-board computer, which

located in an electric car, contains a lot of useful information.

Tesla encrypts its data to protect it from rival electric car manufacturers.

It was previously known that Tesla cars store information about accidents, but the forensic team said they found much more data than investigators previously knew.

This data contains extensive information forforensic experts and traffic accident analysts. She can assist in the investigation of a criminal case following a fatal accident.

Francis Hoogendieck, specialist at the Netherlands Institute of Forensic Science</ p>

The computer stores information about vehicle speed, throttle position, steering angle, and how the brakes are used. Some of this data can be stored for a year.

The researchers hope the company will begin to give investigators access to a wider range of information.

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