FORM introduced swimming goggles with the HUD “FORM Swim Goggles”

The FORM company, specializing in swimming products and services, showed the public glasses for

swimming with built-in virtual HUD display.

Hud– a device that displays graphic and text information on the windshield of a car or aircraft without limiting the view of the outside space.

The main idea of ​​these glasses is to allow the athlete to see and control their performance even during the swim, without being distracted by a fitness bracelet or wall-mounted stopwatch.

According to the manufacturer - FORM Swim glassesGoogles are what swimmers are missing. They were created in collaboration with top swimmers and coaches. The glasses display can show various swimming parameters:

  • Lap time
  • Time relax
  • Total time
  • Distance
  • The number of strokes and the distance traveled for each
  • 50 and 100 meters time
  • Calories burned

The battery of the device lives 16 hours continuoususe, and the lenses are coated with a permanent coating to prevent fogging. For ease of wearing, the glasses are equipped with interchangeable nose bridges and adjustable silicone straps. Glasses are connected to the smartphone using Bluetooth 4.2. Along with buying glasses, the manufacturer offers to download the “FORM Swim” application, from which you can change the display of glasses and communicate with the FORM community.