Form Swim Goggles swimming goggles begin to show heart rate

Last month, Form launched the Form Swim Goggles. Now she's going to add another one.

useful feature: heart rate tracking.

How it works

Form has teamed up with Polar,specializing in sports electronics to add heart rate measurement technology. Starting in November, a free software update will make the goggles compatible with the Polar OH1 and OH1+ heart rate sensors.

Swimmers will be able to see their heart rate ona small display inside the lenses of the glasses, using augmented reality Swim Goggles. Polar sensors will be attached to glasses and placed in the temple area. Information from one device to another is transmitted wirelessly and then synchronized with other data.

The function will be quite useful for athletes, as it allows you to check your heartbeat without stopping or leaving the pool.

Source: Engadget